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Who Is Tom Forster

Who Is Tom Forster

Tom is the principal of Injury Lawyers Queensland and has over 18 years’ experience in Commercial and Compensation litigation.

During his time as a commercial litigator, Tom has won important corporate, intellectual property and insolvency battles against major national and international corporations – in circumstances where he and his clients were facing ‘David and Goliath battles’ against very powerful opponents.

Inspired by his successes in these battles, Tom saw how the legal profession did not seem to be adequately reaching out to people involved in motor vehicle accidents such as motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, pedestrians, and of course – motor vehicle drivers and passengers.

As a consequence Tom was inspired to go beyond his former commercial disputes practice and create Injury Lawyers Queensland – specifically to serve people with the misfortune of being involved in motor vehicle accidents on Queensland roads through no fault of their own and without the necessary resources or support base to pursue their claims.

And as a motorcycle rider who has previously competed in motorcycle road racing both in the Queensland and Australian championships, Tom has a special affinity for people who have been involved in road accidents on motorbikes, scooters or bicycles. Tom really does understand motor vehicle accidents and all the trauma and hardship involved.

When pursuing the claims of his friends, Tom encountered a degree of what he felt was unfair prejudice and discrimination against motorcycle and bicycle riders and against other road users from the Police, Medical and Insurance industries in the claims process. He saw that the legitimate interests of many claimants seemed to be largely overlooked by the legal profession and as a consequence, people’s rights to claim were being adversely affected.

Tom also noticed that there was little empathy shown to road accident victims and the adverse impact their  accident had on their ability to work and their psychological well-being.

In short, through a combination of his own experiences and legal knowledge, and inspired by his successes representing ordinary citizens against major corporations, Tom discovered a passion for helping people who had been involved in road accidents.

As a result, Injury Lawyers Queensland doesn’t just fight for the best settlement pay-out. They also strive to achieve the best medical and operative treatment for all their clients.

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