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Scooter Accident Claim

l was in a scooter accident in Cairns on the way to work when I was exiting a roundabout. A young P plate driver had driven up the wrong side of the road towards the roundabout, resulting in a head on collision with my scooter. 

My injuries were not properly assessed at the hospital and I was sent home with a lot of pain killers.

About a week later I was having trouble claiming the insurance on my scooter and I was still in a lot of pain.

I was given Tom Forster’s business card from Injury Lawyers Queensland (ILQ) and was told he could help with the insurance claim on my scooter.

ILQ obtained a great result for me with the insurance payout on my scooter and also made a personal injury claim for the injuries I sustained in the accident.

Tom and his team’s experience and knowledge of motorcycle accidents were second to none. When I was told by the doctors that I needed 4 operations, ILQ arranged for the insurance company to pay for the costs of all of my operations with the best surgeons available. They also arranged for all my rehabilitation treatment to be paid for by the insurer.

After losing my job and 4 operations later, ILQ arranged for an advance payment from the insurance company to help me financially while I couldn’t work, to prevent my family and I from losing our home.

Although my situation was very stressful and at times depressing, listening to and following Tom’s advice resulted in a very successful compensation claim. I would highly recommend Injury Lawyers Queensland to anyone who has been involved in a scooter or motorcycle accident.

Trevor J

Automotive Specialist, Cairns

Bicycle Accident Claim

Tom was great to deal with and has a highly skilled network of professionals in the field. He achieved a payout for me three times what other solicitors had indicated my claim was worth.

His fees are fair and were way less than others I know who have had personal injury claims.

He was recommended to me by my solicitor and I really cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone with a personal injury claim.

Brian H

Accountant, Gold Coast

Pedestrian Accident Claim

I was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing by a careless driver. I suffered multiple injuries and was unable to walk for a considerable period of time.

A friend referred me to Tom Forster from Injury Lawyers Queensland. Tom helped me beyond the normal expectations of a solicitor. As a business owner I was impressed with Tom’s calm professional manner and his sincerity in looking out for my best interests.

The accident and family matters caused financial distress on our business and stress on our family, however Tom was always understanding of our emotional reactions whether it was anger or depression. He guided and assured me of the process required to substantiate my claim.

From communication and support to encouragement in the bad times, his advice and patience resulted in a payout that I was very grateful for.

I would highly recommend Tom’s services; he is genuine, thorough and very caring.

I felt like I was dealing with a friend at all times, thanks Tom.

Brooke S

Business Owner, Gold Coast

Car Accident Claim

I was involved in a car accident on the Gold Coast. I suffered a severe whiplash injury when I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light.

I engaged Tom Forster to act on my behalf to help me with my personal injury claim. Through Tom’s efficient efforts and tireless help I was awarded a very satisfactory payout.

Tom went to no end of trouble to help me.  His work is very professional.  He has an outgoing personality and a very friendly and helpful nature.

This was greatly appreciated as I am a senior citizen and Tom showed me great respect at all times. I would recommend Injury Lawyers Queensland to anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Joyce W

Byron Bay

Car Accident Claim

I want to acknowledge Tom Forster for his knowledge, guidance and professionalism whilst handling my litigation case. I was referred to Tom by a work colleague following my car accident in Brisbane and I am so appreciative as I can’t speak more highly of him and the team.

During our first consultation, Tom was able to explain to me the process that would follow and continued providing information, updates and clear direction on how to proceed with my injuries case. Tom went above and beyond my expectations of anyone in his field through commitment, dedication and long hours to ensure we had the best opportunity at achieving my entitlements.

Tom was very thorough in his research and tracking of my case, and always followed up promptly with any questions I had along the way. Tom’s encouragement and support to continue seeking and participating in treatment gave me the confidence to continue taking small steps towards recovery, even when at times it often felt as I wasn’t making any progress. I strongly believe that If I hadn’t have continued with the treatment, and without the support from Tom and his team, I may never have been able to return to the active lifestyle I previously had.

I can’t thank him enough for the effort and support he offered throughout the entire process.

Samantha B

Product Manager, Brisbane

Cycling Accident Claim

As a triathlete in the Australian team, I was referred to Injury Lawyers Queensland after I was hit by a courier van whilst I was doing my cycling training for an upcoming Ironman event.

Tom was great at giving me guidance throughout the claim process and helped me get the best rehabilitation and counselling to get me back to work and successfully competing in events again.

Tom obtained a great claim result for me and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be injured as a result of a road accident.

Clinton M

Triathlete, Brisbane

Bus Accident Claim

I was struck by a bus on the Gold Coast when waiting at a bus stop because of negligent actions of the bus driver.

When I enquired with some of the big well known personal injury law firms that frequently advertise on television, I was advised over the phone that I did not have a case as my injuries were not serious enough.

A family friend then referred me to Tom Forster of Injury Lawyers Queensland.

At my first meeting with Tom he quickly assessed my case and confirmed that I did in fact have a very strong case which was worthwhile pursuing.

Tom lodged a claim on my behalf, obtained witness statements and obtained an excellent result for me.

I would have no hesitations recommending Injury Lawyers Queensland as the first firm to call for anyone who has been injured in any kind of motor vehicle or pedestrian accident.

If I had not been referred to Injury Lawyers Queensland I would never have known that I had a personal injury claim.

Jay A

Carpet Layer, Gold Coast

Motorcycle Accident Claim

I had a motorcycle accident as a result of hitting a large piece of timber which had fallen onto the road from an unknown vehicle.

When I contacted two of the large personal injury law firms that market themselves as personal injury experts, representatives of both of these firms told me that I did not have a possible claim and they could not help me.

A friend of mine referred me to Tom Forster of Injury Lawyers Queensland. Tom immediately advised me that I did have a potential claim against the Nominal Defendant and he assisted me with correctly reporting the accident to the police, obtaining a medical certificate and lodging my Accident Claim Form.

If it had not been for Injury Lawyers Queensland I would have completely missed out on bringing a claim.

If you have been in any kind of motor vehicle accident I would highly recommend Injury Lawyers Queensland as they can quickly and correctly identify your potential claims where other personal injury law firms could not be bothered.

Mick P

Labourer, Gold Coast

Car Accident Claim

A few years ago I was involved in a low speed accident within a car parking complex in Brisbane. My vehicle was driven into as I was reversing downhill into a car parking space. Due to my twisted position at the time of parking, I sustained a thoracic injury which causes discomfort and requires regular treatment from massage and physiotherapists. At the time I had just assumed that I had to put up with this forever and it was “just one of those things”.

Through word of mouth I met Tom Forster from Injury Lawyers Queensland who said that I could make a claim for my treatment costs, future treatment and potential loss of earnings.  Tom was extremely personable and just an all-round fantastic bloke. He explained the legal process in clear language and his communication was excellent.

When we took the claim to mediation they didn’t agree to what we had thought would be fair compensation. Tom’s advice was to take the case to trial and shortly before the trial they called Tom to ask what compensation he thought was fair to finalise the claim. Thanks to Tom’s expertise and experience we ended up with more than double the original compensation figure.

I could not recommend Tom enough to anyone who has suffered a similar incident. You will get one on one personal service from an absolute professional who will guide you through the entire claims process. 

Matt H

Leadership and Management Consultant, Brisbane

Cycling Accident Claim

I was knocked off my bicycle on a main thoroughfare roundabout when a car driver failed to give right of way or stop. I suffered numerous injuries to the body, and concussion, the head injuries being limited by a helmet, which was cracked and destroyed.

I felt I was off to a good start with my personal injury claim, when one of Tom’s colleagues recommended him to me as being an expert in this field. I was not disappointed as Tom successfully took on my claim and expertly negotiated a very satisfactory settlement with the car driver’s compulsory third party insurance company.

I was impressed with Tom’s total commitment to my claim, he was absolutely thorough in preparation and very particular on detail as only a specialist in this type of law could be. This thoroughness resulted in monetary compensation for not only my injuries, but also for economic loss.

I have already referred family and friends to Tom and his team as they are true professionals and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Colin N

Concrete Truck Driver, Gold Coast

Motorcycle Accident Claim

I have had the unfortunate need to engage the services of Tom Forster from Injury Lawyers Queensland to represent me not once, but twice in relation to seeking compensation following motor cycle crashes caused by other drivers. I say unfortunate as on both occasions my need to engage Tom was due to multiple injuries and the need to ensure I received the best care and rehabilitation possible.

The first occasion was in 2004,  following a crash in Cairns, and the second was in 2011 following a more severe crash in Atherton.

I can hand on heart say that Tom has always provided me with excellent representation, advice and in particular, personal support through the process.

He and his administration support team at Injury Lawyers Queensland are always available to answer questions, prompt with responses and information and at all times respectful and empathetic to my needs and concerns.

Not only can I say that I “would” refer people to Tom, I can also honestly say that I have, and that they also received the same very high level of support and quality outcomes.

Whilst I hope to never need Tom’s services again, obviously, if it comes to pass that I do, there is no question that he would be the first and only person I would contact for assistance.

James G

Manager, Atherton

Car Accident Claim

Honest and genuine people can be rare to find, I feel incredibly blessed that I found Tom and his team from Injury Lawyers Queensland to guide me though a time in my life that at the time felt so overwhelming, confusing and emotional……I cannot express my gratitude enough.

I was involved in a car accident in Brisbane. Through no fault of my own, life changed very quickly – my physical health, my emotional wellbeing and my working circumstance.

I was given Tom’s details through a friend of a friend. I had rung several injury lawyers by then but I was in completely foreign territory. I had no idea of what I needed to ask and no comprehension of what was involved. All the lawyers I contacted seemed “pleasant enough” to speak with but when I called Tom there was something different. I didn’t just feel like another number. I wasn’t directed to a website to fill out another form – there was genuine empathy, care and reassurance. Tom met with me within days and by the time our first meeting had ended I knew that this was who I needed to help me.

Tom seemed to be always available to walk me though the process of my case every phone call or meeting seemed to end with “you can call me anytime”. One situation that I will always remember is that my employer was not taking it kindly that I had been off work for an extended period of time and I was reduced to tears at the lack of support from them. I remember calling Tom and being reassured, supported and guided. Over this period of time I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have got through this if I didn’t have this very personalised support and legal guidance.

My case settled 3 years ago now.

I believe it’s rare and special that I still keep in contact with Tom. I have referred several people to him in their time of need, one of whom was a complete stranger that I met by chance at work that took the time to come back to me to thank me for putting her in touch with Tom

Rose G

Health Support Consultant, Brisbane

Bicycle Accident Claim

I have known Tom on a professional level for over 10 years and highly recommend his legal services and expertise. As a Sports Physiotherapist who has been involved in a bicycle accident, I could see firsthand the challenges involved with an injury claim. I sustained fractures after being hit by a car and as a result of these injuries I engaged the services of Tom and the team from Injury Lawyers Queensland to act on my behalf. Distressed from the injuries and suddenly unable to work in my chosen profession, Tom was able to effectively communicate the steps in the process and relieve me of any concerns that I had.

Tom was able to navigate the proceedings with ease with the assistance of his professional, caring and committed team. Tom’s willingness to provide detailed legal explanations of the process assisted significantly in the smooth resolution of the claim. I was subsequently able to concentrate on recovering from my injuries and rehabilitate from the fractures incurred by someone else’s negligence toward a bicycle rider.

Without hesitation I can recommend Tom and the team from Injury Lawyers Queensland to anyone in need of legal help and especially motorbike and cycling accidents, given their expertise in this area.

James S

Sports Physiotherapist, Gold Coast

Car Accident Claim

Tom Forster of Injury Lawyers Queensland is a world class human being.  Lawyers and solicitors have a reputation for being dishonest, disingenuous people that’ll sell their grandmother for a dollar!

In my time working with Tom over 2 injury claims he has gone above and beyond what is expected of a solicitor’s service. Arranging my physiotherapy appointments and even picking me up to take me to Brisbane for legal matters pertaining to the case.

The thing that makes Tom and Injury Lawyers Queensland unique is the fact that you are dealing directly with the owner of the business and his team of highly experienced personal injury experts. Tom and his team actually care about you as a human being, not just another dollar sign or case number.

Tom has an elite set of legal skills to get you the best result (most compensation) for your case. In an industry where many solicitors will try to settle a case quickly to get paid quicker themselves, Tom always looks to get the best result for you, the client.

If you want to get the best result with a man who has mind blowing legal skills, integrity and actually genuinely cares about you as a human being, Tom Forster at Injury Lawyers Queensland is your only choice!

Joe H

Strength & Conditioning Trainer, Gold Coast

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

I was injured on the Gold Coast when an unknown vehicle cut in front of a line of traffic in front of my vehicle which caused me to brake very heavily to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of me. Although I managed to avoid an accident, the back seat of my four-wheel drive was flung into the head rest of my seat, giving me severe whiplash and upper back problems.

I wasn’t sure if I even had a claim, as I wasn’t hit by another vehicle. After speaking to a few people, a friend of mine referred me to Tom Forster of Injury Lawyers Queensland who quickly assessed my case and told me that I had more than one possible claim even though I had no details of the vehicle that caused my injuries.

Tom and his team walked me through the process and made it easy. Not only did they obtain an excellent result for me, they answered all my questions, no matter how trivial they were (even on the weekend!) and took time out of their day to always help me with any advice I required.

Tom and the team are excellent, professional, and have years of experience which enables them to provide thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice for anyone who has been injured on the road. They listen carefully and respond quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at your issue.

I can highly recommend Tom and the team from Injury Lawyers Queensland

Natasha T

Business Development Manager, Gold Coast


Scooter Accident Claim

Dear Tom Forster,

I wish to extend my hand in gratitude for all you have done for me throughout my ordeal following my motor scooter accident in Cairns. You guided me patiently when it came to updating my diary on how I was feeling, the pain factor & where in my body it was located & my appointments. On my two trips to Brisbane you were on time & exactly where you said you would be to pick me up & take me to my appointments & thank you so much for lunch.

I was delighted with the compensation payout for my scooter & for my own personal self. I would not hesitate at all in recommending you & your company Injury Lawyers Queensland to anybody I come across who may need a lawyer, in fact I make sure I have some of your cards in my wallet.

Denis L

Reiki Instructor, Cairns