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Welcome to the new Injury Lawyers Queensland Website

Welcome to the new Injury Lawyers Queensland Website

We are really excited to be launching our new Injury Lawyers Queensland website incorporating an interactive framework for our clients.

unnamedOver many years of acting for people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, it was often suggested by our clients that we establish a website which not only focused on car and pedestrian accident claims, but also focused on what we have become well known for doing very well – helping people who have been involved in road accidents on motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.

As Tom and the team from Injury Lawyers Queensland share a passion for riding anything with two wheels, we always looked forward to the day when we could offer such a website and also provide an interactive framework to assist our clients with the initial stages of getting their claim off to a good start.

Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist

Our new Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist provides a comprehensive list of the steps you need to take when you have been involved in a road accident. We have developed this comprehensive list over years of assisting clients with all kinds of road accidents. This list will help you quickly determine what relevant information you need to get your claim started.

Online Accident Claim Form

By offering an online Accident Claim Form it creates several benefits for you including:

  •  It helps get your claim off to a quick start before your first consultation with our firm;
  • It enables you to see exactly what accident information we require to start a claim for property damage and compensation on your behalf;
  • It saves our clients both time and money by reducing the amount of time it takes to go through the relevant accident information necessary to make a claim on your behalf.

Accident Form Download Area

In addition to our online Accident Claim Form we have also incorporated an Accident Form Download Area at the top of our home page that includes downloadable forms such as:

  •  Report of Traffic Incident to Police Form – to assist our clients in obtaining a police report when the police did not attend the scene of the accident.
  • Medical Certificate – which can be printed out and provided to your General Practitioner to be completed and returned to our office once all of your injuries and painful areas of your body have been identified and properly diagnosed.

New Developments

While the initial framework of the new website may seem impressive, there are further stages of our website currently under development which incorporate exciting new enhancements and functionality enabling faster and easier communication with our clients.

Road accident claims - large - Injury Lawyers QueenslandIn the meantime, no matter what kind of motor vehicle accident you have been involved in, you will find our website very informative and helpful in learning what to do when you have been involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident and how to get your claim off to a great start.

When you combine our skills and experience developed over many years of achieving outstanding claim results for our clients, with our extensive knowledge of rehabilitation techniques and medical treatment, we offer a service that exceeds our clients’ expectations in all areas.

Keep a look out for some great informative articles in the near future that will help you with all aspects of your claim and rehabilitation treatment to help you recover from your accident and achieve a successful claim result.


Trevor J

Scooter Accident Claim l was in a scooter accident in Cairns on the way to work when I was exiting a roundabout. A young P plate driver had driven up the wrong side of the road towards the roundabout, resulting in a...
Automotive Specialist, Cairns

Brian H

Bicycle Accident Claim Tom was great to deal with and has a highly skilled network of professionals in the field. He achieved a payout for me three times what other solicitors had indicated my claim was worth. His fees are fair and...
Accountant, Gold Coast

Brooke S

Pedestrian Accident Claim I was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing by a careless driver. I suffered multiple injuries and was unable to walk for a considerable period of time. A friend referred me to Tom Forster from Injury Lawyers...
Business Owner, Gold Coast

Joyce W

Car Accident Claim I was involved in a car accident on the Gold Coast. I suffered a severe whiplash injury when I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light. I engaged Tom Forster to act on my behalf to...
Byron Bay

Samantha B

Car Accident Claim I want to acknowledge Tom Forster for his knowledge, guidance and professionalism whilst handling my litigation case. I was referred to Tom by a work colleague following my car accident in Brisbane and I am so appreciative as I...
Product Manager, Brisbane

Clinton M

Cycling Accident Claim As a triathlete in the Australian team, I was referred to Injury Lawyers Queensland after I was hit by a courier van whilst I was doing my cycling training for an upcoming Ironman event. Tom was great at giving...
Triathlete, Brisbane

Jay A

Bus Accident Claim I was struck by a bus on the Gold Coast when waiting at a bus stop because of negligent actions of the bus driver. When I enquired with some of the big well known personal injury law firms that...
Carpet Layer, Gold Coast

Mick P

Motorcycle Accident Claim I had a motorcycle accident as a result of hitting a large piece of timber which had fallen onto the road from an unknown vehicle. When I contacted two of the large personal injury law firms that market themselves as...
Labourer, Gold Coast

Matt H

Car Accident Claim A few years ago I was involved in a low speed accident within a car parking complex in Brisbane. My vehicle was driven into as I was reversing downhill into a car parking space. Due to my twisted position...
Leadership and Management Consultant, Brisbane

Colin N

Cycling Accident Claim I was knocked off my bicycle on a main thoroughfare roundabout when a car driver failed to give right of way or stop. I suffered numerous injuries to the body, and concussion, the head injuries being limited by a...
Concrete Truck Driver, Gold Coast

James G

Motorcycle Accident Claim I have had the unfortunate need to engage the services of Tom Forster from Injury Lawyers Queensland to represent me not once, but twice in relation to seeking compensation following motor cycle crashes caused by other drivers. I say...
Manager, Atherton

Rose G

Car Accident Claim Honest and genuine people can be rare to find, I feel incredibly blessed that I found Tom and his team from Injury Lawyers Queensland to guide me though a time in my life that at the time felt so...
Health Support Consultant, Brisbane

James S

Bicycle Accident Claim I have known Tom on a professional level for over 10 years and highly recommend his legal services and expertise. As a Sports Physiotherapist who has been involved in a bicycle accident, I could see firsthand the challenges involved...
Sports Physiotherapist, Gold Coast

Joe H

Car Accident Claim Tom Forster of Injury Lawyers Queensland is a world class human being.  Lawyers and solicitors have a reputation for being dishonest, disingenuous people that’ll sell their grandmother for a dollar! In my time working with Tom over 2 injury...
Strength & Conditioning Trainer, Gold Coast

Natasha T

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim I was injured on the Gold Coast when an unknown vehicle cut in front of a line of traffic in front of my vehicle which caused me to brake very heavily to avoid hitting the vehicle in front...
Business Development Manager, Gold Coast

Denis L

  Scooter Accident Claim Dear Tom Forster, I wish to extend my hand in gratitude for all you have done for me throughout my ordeal following my motor scooter accident in Cairns. You guided me patiently when it came to updating my...
Reiki Instructor, Cairns